Clif Bar

Extending a brand for moms and kids

What We Did
  • Product Development
  • Brand Stretch

Clif Bar’s original 20-something fans were becoming parents and the Clif team saw a natural opportunity to develop a new line of products for their kids. They came to Bulldog Drummond to help build a deeper level of knowledge around this new audience, frame potential opportunity spaces and define a new brand and product line to launch into the market.


We designed working groups with children to understand what they love about snacking, what they hate and what they dream about. We went in-home with moms and kids to understand what they look for when snacking and how their relationship with food functions. We identified key insights that we took into a series of collaborative workshops with the Clif team. We identified potential innovation spaces and developed an initial brand framework. We worked with their team through product naming and package design, and the result of the project was a fully realized line of products under the Clif Kid umbrella, including natural bars, fruit snacks and juices. Today, Clif Kid can be found across the country, in natural and mass retail, and represents a sizable and growing part of Clif Bar’s business.


“Bulldog helped us identify where we could win and helped us position the new kids’ brand for success.”

Neil Grimmer, VP, Innovation


Hugely successful new category introduction celebrated by Moms and Kids alike.


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