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We create practical value for some of the world’s largest and most purposeful brands. We uncover insights, develop strategies, and design and execute solutions to bring new ideas, brands and products to market. Our work is informed by real people and inspired by our fascination for understanding what makes communities and companies tick.

We're a dynamic group of design-thinkers, writers, ethnographers and seasoned marketing executives, known for our no nonsense approach to solving complex challenges and creating meaningful change for our clients.


This Englishman is wired to uncover the passion and purpose that fuels people and companies. He is tireless in pursuing the connection points for meaningful change inside and outside of an organization. Everything he does is delivered with a determination for inspiring collaboration, helping others solve the problem, and uncover the opportunity. He brings a blend of common sense, passion and logic to every project, and has spent almost 20 years building brands and launching companies, as well as helping to transform large, multinational companies. He has worked closely with executive teams at Virgin, IDEO, Starbucks, Adidas, Nestlé, American Eagle Outfitters, MTV Networks, WD-40, Nike, Westfield, Lee Jeans, and World Vision among others. Following a life-changing trip to Malawi with World Vision in March of 2004, he’s been committed to promoting creative ways to make a measurable difference in the world. He’s a founder of Y-Malawi? and The Glue Network, and sits on the boards of The Honest Kitchen and Mellace Family Brands. He is a husband doing his very best, has three amazing kids, two yappy dogs, and holds a second-degree black belt in karate.


Megan is a storyteller at heart. She believes that grounded, strategic, and compelling narratives have the power to help solve the world's biggest challenges. She leads Bulldog's strategic and creative development teams, and has worked with many cross-functional client teams in categories from fashion & retail to food, sports, and healthcare. Megan has worked with early stage startups to Fortune 500s including American Eagle, Starbucks, McDonald's, Nestlé, Heineken, IDEO, Nike, WD-40, Hampton, MTV, Diageo, Mattel, Sony, Adidas, Taco Bell, Eddie Bauer, World Vision and more. She wakes up every day to help unlock the potential of companies and people because she believes that regardless of how well an organization is doing today, there's always an opportunity to do better.


Dave plays a key role in uncovering consumer insights and working to bring a very clear customer point-of-view. He is a consumer brand veteran with 21 years of experience at the senior executive level within the Virgin Group of companies, most recently the Chief Marketing Officer of its Entertainment Group. During his career, Dave has worked with virtually every music label, film studio and games platform. He has also overseen the creation and development of promotional opportunities with many consumer brands including GM’s Pontiac division, Absolut Vodka, Ben Sherman, Gibson guitars, Microsoft and Levi’s. As an independent brand strategist, he has worked with many music and media brands including Universal, MediaPort, Effen and Motown.


Erin is what you would describe as direct. She understands how to get to the point and takes great joy in challenging assumptions, asking tough questions and uncovering the simple truths for our clients. Maybe that's the reason she loves being a mom––her daughters' curiosity and constant use of the question "Why?" remind her of her own. Which means, as the lady in charge of leading the Discovery phase of our work, she's perfectly suited for her job. From working with our research partners, to sitting down with customers, to picking the brains of our clients' own team members––she digs deep into the problems clients come to us with to reveal opportunities that unlock true potential. When Erin isn’t at the office, you'll find her with her family living the San Diego dream––and enjoying every moment of it. Her clients have included CMT, Sony, Virgin, Lee Jeans, Westfield, WD-40 and Mattel among others.


Annie has been with Bulldog Drummond since 1997. She holds the company purse strings and ensures the Bulldog team never forgets we are custodians and stewards of our clients’ investment dollars. She prefers the company of her dog Pie to human beings as her love is unconditional and money is never a point of contention.


Bold, fiery and never to be tamed. Catharine’s long red curls say almost everything you need to know about her. She is known throughout the industry for her clear, direct and uncompromising nature. Catharine, or "Cat" as she is known by those close to her, is the operational controller of the company and holds the day-to-day responsibility for scheduling, employee management, vendor relationships and client relations. She makes sure that everything she touches is 100% correct 100% of the time. She brings a regimental clarity to every aspect of the company's operations ensuring harmonious exchanges and partnerships throughout the shop. She is truly the oil in our engine.


Erin is a strategist at heart—she's meticulous, pragmatic and always up for a good challenge. Whether she's reorganizing her closet to fit another pair of ballet flats, devising a plan to keep her toddler busy during a three hour flight, or calculating her next move in Words With Friends, she carefully assesses each situation to determine optimal solutions. Erin brings this methodical perspective to every project she works on. She's a writer, a thinker and even a designer in a pinch. You'll find her diving into consumer research in the morning, developing names for new-to-market products after lunch, and crafting a brand story in the afternoon. Erin lends her talents to a wide range of projects for clients such as American Eagle Outfitters, Starbucks, Diageo, Eddie Bauer, Jack in the Box and more.


Although he hails from Arizona, Brett is all about the ocean—the smell of a freshly waxed surfboard, the wind in his face, and a fast clip on a sailboat. And if he’s not in the water, you’ll find him scouring estate sales to find nautical treasures, running with the bulls in Tijuana, and customizing his ever-growing collection of bicycles. A type fanatic, music aficionado, and self-proclaimed people watcher, he combines all these passions to influence his work, believing that great design and communication, when applied appropriately, can improve all aspects of life. Brett lends his talents to such clients as H&R Block, Diageo, International Farming Corporation, Beam and more.


Garrett has been interested in creating things for as long as he can remember and has long been inspired by the Carl Sagan quote, "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." He hates closed-mindedness, and loves the power of branding and the inherent value a struggle can provide. Focused, fastidious and quietly confident, his aesthetic is driven by his passion for honest and thoughtful design and he is naturally drawn to grids, structure and geometric forms. When he's not bringing people together through design or photography, he enjoys spending time with his family of four, hiking throughout Southern California and venturing on road trips to explore new destinations. Garrett has worked on projects for Diageo, Coromega, Transforming Youth Outdoors and more.


Lisa is our multi-talented master of events and ceremonies. She's a coordinator, collaborator and delegator, and has been known to do all three at once. Lisa leads the experience management at our workshops and innovation sessions. She's involved in every part of the plan—from location, to materials, to ensuring it all gets done and done right. Her attention to detail is second to none. Lisa also leads the office back at our home base. If you're new to The Manor, she'll probably be the first person you meet. And if you've known us for a while, you'll know she's the reason we all make it through the day unscathed. If you need it, she has it. If you've lost it, she's found it. If you need a good laugh, she's got the perfect joke. And while Lisa's modest most of the time, she's not shy about making it perfectly clear that “This is my house, and don’t you ever forget it!”


Krystle is what you might call a true Renaissance woman—you name it, she's done it. She grows half the food she eats in her greenhouse tucked in the Sierra Nevada mountains, infuses her own bourbon, designs her own furniture, and keeps the USPS busy by sending out snail mail at least once a week. She loves her two mini dachshunds, Pixie and Mr. Wee, Bikram yoga, walls jam-packed with succulents, interior design, technology, and perhaps most of all, people. She'll go out of her way to make you smile and has a unique talent for putting a positive spin on just about everything. Krystle's been a social butterfly before it was socially acceptable, getting in trouble for passing notes, sharing stories, and being the social bee of her elementary class. Social is in her bones. Her entrepreneurial spirit and personal manta "if you're not engaging, you're missing opportunities" makes her a perfect fit for managing Bulldog's content curation, blog management, guest blog recruitment, social media, and online marketing. Krystle works with Elle Communications, CR Studios, Marc Hedges Creative, Fast Company, PSFK, and numerous guest bloggers and authors.


Katie may call San Leandro home, but she's an everyday adventurer and traveler, having trekked all over the world, from Australia to Iceland, Alaska, Guatemala and more. A natural hand-crafter and passionate co-owner of Sable & Snow stationery, she is a lover of design, doodling and anything with polka dots. When she's not at work you'll either find her on a soccer field, at the farmers’ market or checking out the coolest new band you haven't heard of yet. She's an enthusiastic, eclectic and versatile go-getter with an infectious smile, and her ultra-organized nature, copious note-taking, and self-starter attitude make her a natural leader for our Production team. Katie lends her talents to clients like H&R Block, Diageo, ESPN Zone, Samsung and many more.


Colleen has lived on three continents and in five states, but has finally planted roots here in San Diego. She's a big proponent of hashtags, the bartender for our popular Red Cup Fridays, and if you want to know the newest place to eat or what's going on this weekend, she's the girl to ask. A mover and a shaker, she's not one to sit still for long—she's kissed the Blarney Stone, walked on a volcano, swam with dolphins, climbed the Statue of Liberty, ascended the Eiffel Tower, frolicked through tulip gardens in Holland, jumped off cliffs in Hawaii, and sailed to Gilligan's Island. It's this adventurous spirit that inspires Colleen to tackle the diverse and challenging jobs that come her way each and every day in Production. She's worked on projects for Beam, Hampton Inn, Taco Bell, KFC, Kashi, H&R Block and more.


In today’s process-hungry world, complexity and over complication seem to govern the way most organizations operate. At Bulldog, we believe the biggest opportunities can be realized, and the most complex challenges can be solved by using a powerful combination of simplicity, common sense and determination. We apply this lens of Uncommon Sense to help uncover spaces for change and activate solutions from within.

Bulldog designs strategy, positioning, and architecture that informs brand design and expression. Starting from the blank page, we design new product concepts as well as physical and digital consumer experiences.


Martin + Osa: Building a brand from the ground up

CMT: Total brand refresh

Diageo: New product development

77kids: Brand strategy, identity & communcation design

The Glue Network: Building a business that makes a difference

Oftentimes the best ideas are those on the end of your nose and the ones you just don’t have the time to explore or develop. Working with some of the world’s most innovative brands, Bulldog has developed a world-class reputation and customizable toolkit for designing and facilitating highly collaborative summits, workshops and ongoing programs that unlock the internal creativity that lives inside of companies.


Starbucks: Segmentation summit

FDA: Communication & collaboration workshop

Adidas: New product innovation lab

PatientSafe Solutions: A summit to launch a company with passion

WD-40: East meets west collaboration workshop

Nestlé: Looking inside and looking outside at The Innovation Lab

It’s one thing to design a product or a brand, it’s another to develop a compelling plan to launch it and take it to market to drive sales. Bulldog starts by developing the big idea and then deploys the disciplines of storytelling, design, advertising and media planning to launch and grow successful brands.


Pinkberry: Communicating the soul of a brand

Nike: A passionate voice for an event

WeddingChannel.com: Talking to the bride and her guests

Virgin: Getting music lovers to listen

76 Lubricants: Talking to the trade

Bulldog has enormous respect for passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs and we spend a portion of our time developing business and brand strategy for early stage companies. We are also passionately involved in helping to accelerate not-for-profits and cause-related brands by offering them a wide variety of our services.


World Vision: Youth engagement

Snacktrition: Building a brand from the garage up

The Thread Show: Indie fashion and design experience

The Honest Kitchen: Innovation on all fronts

CleanWell: Building a company from the ground up

Plant with Purpose: Crafting the story of a purposeful brand

We dig into people's behaviors, attitudes, habits, expectations, and emotions to unearth meaningful, relevant and actionable insights. We use these insights to create tangible solutions that solve problems and create value.

Discovery is a content-rich process that combines
traditional research, conversations, real life experience,
and storytelling to bring you close to the people who
determine the success of your brand. Bulldog searches inside your company as well as the world outside. We gather information from diverse sources to develop a deep understanding about the spaces in which your company plays. The insights uncovered during Discovery inform and guide the work in Translation.


Translation is where Bulldog synthesizes the
learnings and insights unearthed in Discovery into
new opportunities, strategies and ideas. This process is fueled by the power of Uncommon Sense where norms are turned on their heads, expectations are suspended, and ideas are measured only by their ability to solve the problems. Translation delivers actionable directives that can be used to affect immediate change.


Action is where Bulldog brings the strategies and
opportunities from Translation to life. The final execution takes shape in whatever format is most needed to connect your brand in a meaningful way. From marketing, to product design, to internal activation, and more—Action affects everything that stands to deliver a positive impact back to your brand.


Because Bulldog is actively engaged in a diverse range of projects that affect people’s lives, we work in many different business categories simultaneously. We are constantly learning, observing and understanding what’s effective and what’s not across a wide variety of industry segments. We are challenged by seasoned visionaries and passionate entrepreneurs. We are inspired by global companies and purpose-driven start-ups. And no matter who we’re working with, we share our cumulative knowledge of each category with every client and project.

Over time Bulldog has learned quite a bit about what
people eat and why. We’ve looked at cereals, healthy
snacks, regional micro-brews, wines, spirits, artesian
waters, energy drinks, frozen yogurt, organic pet food,
fast food, the world’s largest coffee brand, and more. Through this work we’ve recognized the incredible impact food and beverage has on our bodies, our interactions, and our planet. We’ve also learned that the Food & Beverage category is calling out for change.

Every food and beverage product and service involves a high degree of passion, complexity, science, subjectivity and competition–whether it’s a concept, a finished packaged good, or a QSR chain. Bulldog works with the inventiveness of early stage companies as well as the scale and resources of global brands, and our clients benefit from the experience gained on both sides of that coin. Above all else, we’re incredibly passionate about good food, and we like a drink or two. Cheers!


The folks at Bulldog love to shop, so it’s only natural
that we apply that passion to designing the shopping
experience. As design thinkers we’re fascinated by the
complex and demanding challenges that retail presents. From big picture thinking about retail concepts, store designs and customer experience, to the smallest details like hang tags, stitching, store signage and the fitting room experience, we’ve been around the mall (and the supermarket) many times.

The challenge of attracting and keeping loyal fans is incredibly competitive in every segment of retail. With seasonal trends, new products and the economy constantly changing, retail brands must stay on their toes and be intimately connected to their consumers. We help our partners understand their consumers, keep ahead of what’s on the horizon, and find new and compelling ways to stay relevant. We’ve helped companies reposition and refresh their malls, created new retail brands, designed signature experiences for shoppers that drive loyalty and bottom line results, and much more.


Healthcare is one of the most complex categories that
exists today. On one hand, the category is inspired by
prolific breakthroughs and technological innovation. On the other, it is mired by constantly changing laws and lack of consumer choice and control. There’s also a strong movement towards a more holistic view of healthcare, one that focuses on “wellness”–a state of mind that includes physical, mental and spiritual fitness. We are fascinated by the opportunities that exist when companies put this diverse level of consumer understanding into their systems to drive change.

Bulldog helped frame the strategy for a wireless medical company, developed the communication devices that help nurses to protect patients from medical errors and hospital borne infections. We’ve worked with a global life sciences company mapping the human genome providing them with a completely integrated branding approach for their outreach to the scientific community. We’ve explored the opportunities that live between banking and wellness. We’ve helped design naturally fortied foods and we co-founded an all-natural cleaning company.

Healthcare is one of the most complex categories that
exists today. On one hand, the category is inspired by
prolific breakthroughs and technological innovation;
on the other hand, it is mired by constantly changing
laws and lack of consumer choice and control. There’s also a strong movement towards a more holistic view of healthcare, one that focuses on “wellness”–a state of mind that includes physical, mental and spiritual fitness. We are fascinated by the opportunities that exist when companies put this diverse level of consumer understanding into their systems to drive change.

Bulldog has spanned the healthcare spectrum from framing the strategy for a wireless medical company, to developing the communication devices that help nurses protect their patients from medical errors and hospital-borne infections. We’ve worked with a global life sciences company to map the human genome, providing them with a completely integrated branding approach for their outreach to the scientific community. And, we’ve explored the opportunities that live between banking and wellness. We’ve also helped design naturally fortified foods and we co-founded an all-natural hand sanitizing company.


When it comes to fashion and beauty people are
constantly in search of what’s now and what’s next.
Entire industries have evolved around the category to
guide consumers and inspire the season’s latest styles. Original thinking is paramount, and brands must constantly work to innovate in new and relevant ways– especially with the advent of fast fashion.

Bulldog’s work in this category centers around understanding and observing people, and translating what they think and how they behave into opportunities for innovation. Working with global trend and culture experts, we dig deep into what’s hot and happening around the globe. We look at big trends, emerging fads and interesting blips that may never evolve outside of a handful of key influencers. We’ve helped our clients rapidly prototype new ideas, as well as helped to build entire clothing brands from the ground up. We’ve developed new concepts and refreshed existing ones. Come in on a good day and you’re likely to find at least one of us wearing the season’s latest peep-toes and sheer gloss.


The guardrail for all the work we do in this category is,
“Think like a mom and see like a kid.” The world looks very different from each of those vantage points. We’ve learned that moms make most of the big purchasing decisions in the home, so understanding how she thinks is paramount. But kids play a major role in influencing and guiding mom’s choices too. Understanding both perspectives, and where they meet can truly be game-changing.

Many of us at Bulldog are moms, and we’re certainly all kids at heart, which makes us incredibly passionate about this category. We’ve explored and mapped the future of toy shopping. We’ve developed new play spaces. We’ve created a new entertainment channel for elementary school kids. We’ve looked at solutions to the growing trend of childhood obesity. And, we’ve created a retail clothing brand for kids ages 0-10. We truly live by the mantra we created for 77kids, “Long Live Fun.”


Media and entertainment are possibly the most prolific,
challenging and fast-changing categories we work in
today. Consumer behavior changes almost daily to catch-up, and each new device brings something groundbreaking to the table. The speed at which this technology is evolving is creating incredible disruption in traditional channels–leaving some brands reeling to catch-up and others rocketing forward at light speed. As a result, new thinking and rapid ideation are a must for every player.

Whether it’s working with major brands like CMT, Virgin and Disney, or early stage technology companies offering new options for media consumption, we have learned there is no more important space to be future-forward than media and entertainment.

Media and entertainment are possibly the most prolific,
challenging, and fast-changing categories we work in
today. Consumer behavior changes almost daily to catch-up, and each new device brings groundbreaking transformation to the table. The speed at which this technology is evolving is creating incredible disruption in traditional channels–leaving some brands reeling to catch-up and others rocketing forward at light speed. As a result, new thinking and rapid ideation are a must for every player in this category.

Whether it’s working with major brands like CMT, Virgin, and Disney, or early stage technology companies offering new options for media consumption, Bulldog has learned there is no more important space to be future-forward than in Media & Entertainment.


Bulldog works incredibly hard for not-for-profits who
passionately toil each and every day to make a
meaningful difference in the world. We understand the challenges of raising money, awareness for your cause, and action for those in need with limited financial and human resources. In recent years this category has become more sophisticated by using technology to connect with consumers and create powerful advocates. And, by partnering with mainstream brands, not-for-profits have become increasingly like their for-profit counterparts.

We work with not-for-profits to turbocharge their efforts by combining our passion and process for change with their purpose and cause. Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked with people making waves in reforestation, child poverty, child sponsorship, HIV AIDS, malaria, micro-finance, and community development, to name a few. Through our work in this space we are continually inspired and educated by the power of the human spirit.


We get out of bed every day lucky
enough to work with inspiring and
engaging people with whom we can
collaborate and learn from. Here’s just a few of the companies we’re privileged to work with.

CASE STUDYStrategic ideation & facilitation design Adidas
Brand, product & experience design American Eagle Outfitters
Brand, product & experience design Bolthouse Farms
CASE STUDYAccelerating start-ups & not-for-profits Cleanwell BD VENTURES
CASE STUDY Brand, product & experience design Clif Bar
CASE STUDY Brand, product & experience design CMT
Communication design ConocoPhillips
Brand, product & experience design Diageo
Strategic ideation & facilitation design Disney
CASE STUDY Brand, product & experience design Earnest Eats
CASE STUDYCommunication design Easton
CASE STUDYCommunication design ESPN Zone
CASE STUDYCommunication design Eufora
Strategic ideation & facilitation design FDA
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design Firestone Walker
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design the Glue network BD VENTURES
CASE STUDYAccelerating start-ups & not-for-profits the Honest Kitchen BD VENTURES
Special Friends IDEO
Strategic ideation & facilitation design JACK IN THE BOX
Brand, product & experience design Jedidiah
Strategic ideation & facilitation design Lee Jeans
Brand, product & experience design Lotus Foods
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design Martin + Osa
CASE STUDYStrategic ideation & facilitation design MATTEL
Brand, product & experience design MTV Networks
Strategic ideation & facilitation design Nestle
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design Nike
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design PatientSafe Solutions
Brand, product & experience design Pepsi
CASE STUDYCommunication design Pinkberry
Accelerating start-ups & not-for-profits Plant with Purpose
Strategic ideation & facilitation design Starbucks
CASE STUDYAccelerating start-ups & not-for-profits THREAD show BD VENTURES
CASE STUDYCommunication design Virgin
Strategic ideation & facilitation design wd-40
CASE STUDYCommunication design WeddingChannel.com
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design Westfield
Accelerating start-ups & not-for-profits World Vision
CASE STUDYBrand, product & experience design 77Kids

Bulldog’s role was to help the company understand its consumer, build its brand, then go to market with powerful communications that would draw consumers and key retail partners to the table. Our discussions with, and observations of, brides-to-be revealed a core truth—she wants her wedding to be the most magical and perfect day of her life, yet most have no idea what it takes to get there. Bulldog mapped out an emotional timeline for the bride which informed aspects of the brand addressing the bride’s rapidly changing needs on the way to planning her wedding. We then helped Wedding Channel refine their online tools to simplify the interface and focus the brand on the idea of making the perfect day. From there weddingchannel.com was born.


Slowly but surely, we’re waking-up to the reality that we’re on a collision course with Mother Nature and we’re starting to change our ways. Huge hurdles still exist for mass adoption, such as cost, quality and efficacy, but we’re inching closer. Our friends at IDEO identified an herb-based antimicrobial technology that kills 99.99% of germs naturally without the use of any toxic or artificial ingredients. Together with IDEO and various strategic partners we helped create and name the company, design the brand, packaging, website, sales materials and the go-to-market plan in less than 24 months. And, Bulldog served as the brand’s virtual CMO for the first 24 months. Meet CleanWell, the first all-natural hand sanitizer, hand soap and surface cleaner.


Adidas wanted to explore how personalization and customization influenced ballers as a catalyst to generate new business opportunities in their basketball division. Recognizing this new trend was more than being able to monogram a sweatshirt or customize colors on a shoe, the Adidas Innovation Group came to Bulldog for help. We designed an in-depth program to look at how players thought about the game, the rituals, the equipment, why and how they do what they do. We went to courts, played the game, went into homes and lived the lifestyle. We used the insights gained to fuel collaborative idea development with the Adidas innovation, product, and marketing teams. We developed 36 big ideas, narrowing them down to five key platforms for commercial development.


Completely committed to the industry and to the professional hair stylist, Eufora is the “What’s Next” brand in the haircare industry. Founded and operated by a deeply passionate and committed husband and wife team, they are down-to-earth darlings of an industry dominated by giants. When they approached Bulldog they needed help elevating their whole game, repositioning the company to better reflect the spirit and purpose of the brand, and to find a more authentic and compelling way to tell their story to help grow their business. Together we repositioned and relaunched the brand which helped increase sales and industry recognition.


American Eagle Outfitters has built a teen fashion icon from the idea that fashion could be wholesome, quality, honest and hip all at the same time (without costing you an arm and a leg). Being one of the preeminent players in the teen space, the company sought to extend its vast knowledge in fashion into the 25 to 45 year old segment. Bulldog was asked to join the AEO team to bring a clear understanding of the intended audience and help frame the initial concept. We developed the brand vision “Clothing for a life in motion” around the concept that the lines between fun and work, morning and evening, formal and casual were blending for this generation. From this concept, we named the store Martin + Osa based on a real husband and wife adventure team who embodied the spirit of that vision. With the name in place we set about designing each part of the brand expression, from the logo, to the hang tags, to the in-store and the online experience.


It’s not news that the music industry was ill-prepared for the onslaught of all things digital. From record companies to retailers, few faced the tidal wave of consumer migration proactively, and most were caught off-guard at the speed of adoption in the category. Music retail was the first to feel the pain, and this is where Virgin Megastores made their bread and butter. Our challenge was to understand what this new breed of music fan wanted at retail and help Virgin build a store experience, a merchandise mix and communications that enabled them to execute a dual strategy of best-in-class retail and a highly relevant digital offering.


The Nike Women’s Marathon is far more than a marketing vehicle or product showcase for Nike. It’s a tangible statement of their commitment to women and female athletes, and as such, their desire is to constantly evolve the event, their support of the female athlete and their understanding of her needs. Bulldog was asked to take the event to the next level by designing a new theme and experience concepts that could enhance the event with a female-centric lens. The event sells out in the first hour every year.


Easton’s tech group is never content to rest on their laurels. Every year, every new product is the best in the sport. Easton’s consumer has always been the serious hockey player, concerned with incremental performance gains from their equipment. Everyone claims to have the best technology out there, and Bulldog’s job for over 10 years was to communicate why and where Easton technology matters.


For the most part this Paso Robles-based brewery had found its success with a local following in the Santa Barbara area. Their goal was to become a national player and grow to $100M. The challenge was two-fold; first find the soul of the brand and tell their story in a way that would capture the attention of a wider national audience. Second, develop a strategy to stretch their product portfolio and offerings to guide the growth of their business through distribution and creative on- and off-premise programs. Bulldog designed a new brand platform to differentiate their products and direct their growth. Today they are well on their way to achieving their goal nationally.


Social networking has become a major cultural force. Its tools connect us to people, brands and companies in new ways every day. But we wondered, what if social networking connected people to causes in interesting and meaningful ways? From that thought, Bulldog developed and launched The Glue Network to bring social networking to creative philanthropy. Targeting socially conscious people who want to make a difference, The Glue Network brings artists, musicians, writers and other creative people together in physical and virtual communities centered around supporting major causes. Recently we’ve expanded The Glue Network to include brands who are already making a difference, and who want to connect to their customers in relevant ways. We’ve hosted five live events in cities throughout California with art, music, phenomenal food, and committed people to raise money for the Network’s causes.


The founders of this amazing, high-integrity company realized they needed strategic business guidance in taking their company to the next level. They did what most entrepreneurs wait too long to do—bring in a strategic partner to guide their growth. Bulldog’s mission was to help The Honest Kitchen reach their full potential by working with the founders to collaboratively shape and define their strategy for growth. As stakeholders in this passionate brand, we have become the planners and the protagonists for their ongoing innovation. Besides admiring their passion and vision, we really needed to feed our dogs for free!


With 16’ big screens surrounded by wall-to-wall HDTVs, there wasn’t a better place to watch a game. But, research showed that when people thought of ESPN Zone, they thought only of the viewing experience. People didn’t think of ESPN Zone as a place to eat, nor did they think of the 10,000 square foot gaming arena inside each restaurant as a great place to have competitive fun or take their kids. Bulldog’s task was to deliver a powerful brand platform that connected to all aspects of the ESPN Zone experience, reinvigorating the communication, the experience and behavior of the brand. Our work uncovered the obvious: ESPN is the ultimate sports authority and when you combine a destination to watch every sport imaginable with great sports food, it’s believable for the brand to promise, "This is Sports Food."


Mattel commissioned a research study to explore the toy shopping experience for moms and their kids. Their goal was to understand the consumer retail experience and to use the insights and learnings to identify how they might collaborate with their retail partners to redefine the toy shopping experience in the future. They asked Bulldog to design a process that would take the Mattel team from research insights to actionable ideas. We built a program that helped Mattel designers, researchers, product managers and retail specialists to think in new ways about the shopping experience. We developed three innovation platforms that allowed Mattel to start new initiatives with their retail partners around the toy shopping experience.


American Eagle Outfitters wanted to extend their brand and expertise into the kids’ space. They needed to identify and quantify the market, develop a concept and build a brand for an entirely new retail experience. In partnership with our friends at IDEO, Bulldog set out to understand everything we could about the marketplace, the consumer, and the opportunity. Armed with that knowledge and knowing where American Eagle wanted this brand to play, we identified what became the core principal behind the brand, “Think like a mom and see like a kid.” Guiding everything from naming, to brand identity, consumer touchpoints, the shopping experience and product detailing, this brand mantra is used as the filter and inspiration for the brand. We’ve been with 77kids for four years and continue to be their ongoing resource for creative and strategy.


With many of the 20-somethings passionate about the Clif brand since its inception now becoming parents, the Clif team saw a natural opportunity to develop a new line of products for kids. They brought in Bulldog to help build a deeper level of knowledge around this new audience, frame their opportunity spaces, and define a new brand and product line to launch into the market. We started off by conducting working groups with children to understand what they love, hate, and care about when snacking. We went in-home with moms and kids to help understand what mom is looking for and how a parent/child relationship functions around food. We identified key insights and took them into a series of collaborative workshops with the Clif team to identify potential innovation spaces and to develop the initial brand framework. We worked with their team through product naming and package design, and the result of the project was a fully realized line of “Clif Kids” products–all natural bars, fruit snacks and juices.


CMT wanted to take a deep dive into what's next for its brand. Bulldog developed a comprehensive profile on the CMT consumer and looked at what “country” meant both inside and outside of the heartland through detailed consumer ethnography and quantitative research. We used insights to identify and chart the values that connect CMT consumers, the country spirit, and country music. Working from these values we built a new brand platform, ”GET COUNTRY” as well as a set of operating principles that sit at the core of the refreshed and re-inspired CMT brand.


Bulldog has worked with Earnest Eats over the last two years to help them frame, define, and express their brand. We started with their founder when his idea was in its infancy. Our first step was to find a unique way to break out of an incredibly crowded marketplace. To do this, we developed a voice centered around “Earnest” which gave the brand permission to speak honestly about food, life, and people in a refreshing way. With the name and the voice for the brand established, we worked with their team to design the identity, packaging, website and other marketing materials. We continue to act as creative advisors and stewards of their brand voice.


Pinkberry found tremendous success literally overnight and grew rapidly. Bulldog was brought in to help their executive team explore, chart, and better develop the fledgling Pinkberry brand. After numerous collaborative workshops with the internal constituents, including the founders, we framed a clear brand platform “20 Minutes of Happiness”. This laid the foundation for each touchpoint Pinkberry has with customers–from experience, to product, to voice and beyond. We then took this brand work into the launch of their new product rollout plan to illustrate a new way to apply a brand filter to each part of the company’s operations.


Acting as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Bulldog’s key responsibility with PatientSafe was to work with the CEO to clearly articulate and frame his strategic mission and vision for the company. We named the company, framed the strategy to develop the brand, built a team, the communications materials and the website to articulate the vision. We framed a set of operating values that defined the behavioral intent of the company. Working closely with the engineering and clinical teams, we created a product roadmap to research, prototype and develop software and hardware platforms for the company. These products are currently in their final phase of production and will roll into partner hospitals early next year.


Bulldog helped develop, build and launch Snacktrition’s parent company, Mama Mellace’s, in 2001 from an office in the founder’s garage. Acting as their creative team we named and designed the brand, packaging, and sales tools to take each of their brands to market. Mama Mellace’s has grown into a nationally recognized brand with distribution in Costco, Sam’s Club, and other major grocers, as well as a private label at Starbucks. Looking to the future, we saw that emerging trends in the all-natural nutritional space were a huge opportunity for product and brand innovation. The result of our collaboration was a new-to-market brand called Snacktrition—nuts fortified with “good for you” vitamins and minerals. Snacktrition currently sells at Whole Foods and other natural retailers nationwide. Now you can snack while getting your vitamins too!


Thread is a fashion and lifestyle shopping experience that showcases emerging talent, and the music and art that rocks their world. By bringing together the best indie designers in consumer-centered shopping events, Thread captures the hearts and minds of curious fashionistas, cultural voyeurs and passers-by alike. Bulldog has worked with the founders of Thread since their very first event in San Diego in 2003. We’ve helped channel their passion for the idea by guiding overall strategy, brand experience and business operations. We’ve continued to work with them on customer outreach and crafting their identity, website and collateral. Thread Show is now in San Francisco, Orange County, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego and coming to a city near you soon.


Working closely with Westfield architects, designers and development teams, Bulldog developed a customized visioning process that puts the community surrounding Westfield’s shopping malls and their consumers at the center of their redevelopment, informing all investment and design decisions. Westfield Malls such as Horton Plaza, North County, UTC, and Plaza Bonita, as well as malls in Connecticut, Los Angeles, Long Island, Vancouver, and Tampa have all benefited from this collaborative design process.


We create significant value for our clients through ideas, strategies, products and counsel. In certain instances, Bulldog takes an equity position in our client’s business, a percentage of the incremental sales revenue, or a royalty on sales of products we help create. We partner with a select number of start-up brands that have passionate people leading the charge. As their strategic partner, we provide a variety of brand, business, operational and financial resources. Most importantly we are active in the strategic direction of their business, usually sitting on the board and providing the much needed leg up and objective advice to the founders.

A massive challenge that needs to be solved
A brand that needs invigorating
Roadblocks to major innovation
People who are tired and disconnected
A culture that needs a new spirit and direction
The need to be more socially responsible
Being out of touch with your customers
Always getting the same answer
How to incubate new businesses
An executive team that needs to connect on a deeper level

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