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Bulldog Drummond made the observation that most people are underdeveloped when it comes to emotional intelligence. And, with so many people living unconsciously and disconnected from their true selves, we wondered why there aren’t resources designed to meet that need. Working with companies from a wide range of industries over the past several decades, we noticed a trend—a lot of people are in jobs they don’t like, doing work that doesn’t align with their passions. We determined that this problem begins when people enter the school system. Children entering school are conditioned to fit into a system that isn’t designed to encourage self-awareness and self-confidence. They take classes of all types—from math to history to science and beyond—to fit into a measured system. Yet, they’re not taught how to understand who they are and what they might be wired to do— and how to turn that into a conscious plan that is their own. We decided it was time to do something about it.


YouSchool was incubated at Bulldog and is run as a stand-alone, entrepreneurial startup. The organization is built around a core curriculum that’s taught by trained guides in different formats including a 6-week class, a week-long intensive class, a weekend class, and one-on-one individual sessions. The outcomes are clear—students leave with a greater sense of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-direction—all indicators for future success in every area of their lives.


“I have worked as a college counselor for over 20 years. When I heard a presentation about YouSchool, I knew that this kind of program is needed, and I wanted to be able to offer it to my students. More importantly, I have a passion to help kids discover their purpose in life before they make major decisions that direct their paths into college and careers.”

—Anonymous, Parent and College Counselor

The YouSchool Brand Book
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The YouSchool Brand Book
The YouSchool Brand Book

Over 5,000 high school students and over 350 veterans in transition successfully put through the program.

The YouSchool Brand Book

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