Taco Bell

Finding and operationalizing a leading brand’s deeper purpose

What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Values & Culture

Taco Bell’s leadership came to Bulldog Drummond on the back of one of their most successful years fueled by the Doritos® Locos Taco—one of the most successful product launches of the decade. Their senior team knew they were missing a vital piece of their strategic equation. They needed to define a clear brand purpose and articulate their brand soul to ensure future success.


We started our partnership by completing an audit of all their past and present brand materials, consumer research and in-depth executive team interviews. In that search, we uncovered a gem in “Live Más”—a brand statement the marketing team was using externally. After listening to many employees describe how they felt about working for Taco Bell and consumer’s feelings for the brand, we knew the idea of “live more” had an authentic connection to Taco Bell’s purpose. It resonated with their executive team, and together we built out the We Feed People’s Lives With Más platform.


“Bulldog has been the guide we needed. They’ve helped us define our soul in a way that we can harness to drive our strategic plans for a meaningful future, and profitable growth.”

Greg Creed, CEO, Yum! Brands


Activating the Brand Internally

Once complete, we worked with their leadership team to determine how the brand purpose, plan, principles and personality could drive each area of the business. From there, we worked with the HR team to roll out the platform to their 100,000 employees. We worked closely with the leadership team to connect the brand platform to their 5-year growth strategy, helping to inform innovation across all facets of the business, including updating their food philosophy and social good platform. Taco Bell continues to outperform the sector today and does so with clarity of purpose.


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