Bringing two different cultures together to breathe life into a legacy brand

What We Did
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Sony was losing the race. With Apple and Samsung charging ahead and the rest of the consumer electronics market becoming highly saturated, it was time to take a different path. Bulldog Drummond was charged with designing and leading a cross-functional innovation project alongside Sony executives from Japan, the U.S. and Europe using a multi-stage process to redesign and reposition key parts of their product portfolio.


We started by diving into the lives of Apple and PC users to understand their wants, needs, passions and pain points. From there, we took what we learned and designed a foundation for collaborative ideation, harnessing the expertise of Sony engineers, designers, product planners, consumer insight specialists and business leads. Using a series of innovation workshops, we developed a range of new product platforms that informed the design of specific new products. As a result, we identified seven new product platforms—all of which were presented to business leaders in Japan for commercialization.


“Bulldog Drummond helped us bridge the gap between countries and divisions within our company, reigniting and reinvigorating the team to focus on the future of our business.

—Kara Sterner, Director, Innovation


Japanese and American leaders worked closely together at a deeper level of intimacy and understanding to deliver seven new complete product platforms identified and brought to life for commercialization.


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