The Nike Women’s Marathon


Designing an experience to take over a city

What We Did
  • Strategy & Design

The Nike Women’s Marathon is far more than a marketing vehicle or product showcase for Nike—it’s a tangible statement of their commitment to women. Nike’s desire is to constantly evolve the event, their support of the female athlete and their understanding of her needs. Bulldog Drummond was asked to take the event to the next level by designing a new theme and experience concept that would enhance the marathon through a female-centric lens.


Our team dove into the project with the goal of creating an event so unique and desirable that it would drive additional excitement around the marathon. As a result, the San Francisco Landmark Flower design took over the city for the days preceding the event, almost all of the designed merchandise at Nike’s downtown store sold out the day of the race and the Tiffany necklace that replaced the traditional medal was a favorite. The marathon design was so successful it was used for the next two years—unprecedented in Nike’s history.


“There’s nothing like running a race with a community of passionate women. There’s an energy unlike any other I’ve ever felt on a normal day in San Francisco.”

—Megan Pilla, Chief Content & Creative Officer, Bulldog Drummond

The Nike Women’s Marathon
The Nike Women’s Marathon
The Nike Women’s Marathon
The Nike Women’s Marathon
The Nike Women’s Marathon Nike Town

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