MyPoint Case Study


Positioning and relaunching a legacy brand for a vibrant new future

What We Did
  • Brand Activation
  • Values & Culture
  • Identity

Point Loma Credit Union came to us with a big vision—to reposition their brand and business for a successful and impactful new future. As their industry evolved, they were looking dated despite a very respected past and solid long-standing customer base. They needed to bring in new and younger customers who didn’t see a connection to the Point Loma Credit Union of the past. They also faced a host of challenges associated with their location-based name which was adding to consumer confusion in a category already full of confusion. The leadership team came to Bulldog Drummond open and ready to chart a new future together.


Today, Point Loma Credit Union—now known as MyPoint—is positioned and poised for growth. They’ve successfully applied their new brand across the entire organization, starting with their people and eventually showing up in each one of their branches and local events. And to show their commitment to a changing audience, they stepped into North Park—a youthful and diverse neighborhood in San Diego—to open an entirely new branch focused on experience, education and engagement. As a company, they’ve committed to focused brand-led change—and they’ve only just started to see the dividends.


“I’ve never been as impressed with a team as I have with Bulldog, and I’ve worked with some of the top creative and strategic talents in the world after working on the agency side in New York. They are our partners, our friends, and an extension of our team. When you work with Shawn and the Bulldog team, you aren’t signing up for a project, but signing on partners in your journey. They genuinely care about your business and take the time to research and strategize how they can make an impact. In the 20 years of marketing and branding, I’ve never worked with such a talented mix of people. For my company, we had an established brand that hadn’t been updated, or even defined, in 70-years. Our brand repositioning has garnered respect from top financial marketing executives, including the Financial Brand. We didn’t go into our work knowing what the outcome would be, but we wanted to completely pivot the company, culture, brand, and experience, and boy did Bulldog deliver.”
– Heather Dueitt, Vice President, Marketing
MyPoint Case Study

Building the Brand

We began our work together by leading their executive team on a process to collaboratively find the foundation for their new brand platform, which included both looking back at the past as well as charting what their desired future state could look like. Through the collaboration we identified the idea of “helping people do” as their new north star—a very tangible commitment to helping all people realize their goals through financial services but done in a very modern and approachable way. From here, we were able to develop the rest of their brand platform in support of that overall commitment with a very actionable promise of providing choice (the tools and products), confidence (the support and guidance) and freedom (the knowledge that anything is possible), which they were able to activate for customers in very tangible ways.

MyPoint Case Study
MyPoint Logo

Giving the Brand a New Name and New Look

With the new brand platform complete, it was time to weigh the need for a new name. A name change is never taken lightly, so the first step was understanding the pros and cons of keeping the current name and adopting a new name. Working with the leadership team, we determined that the new name would pay dividends in the long run, and so we began a search to find that name. Fitting with the more personal and relational nature of the brand platform, we landed on MyPoint. The name paid homage to their past while positioning the business for the future by inviting customers right into the very center of the story.

We brought the new name to life with a bright, modern and inviting identity. The lines of the new MyPoint logo became the lines that interweave throughout the rest of the brand, representing the through line of the things we choose to do and interact with in life. The photography took on a completely new look and feel—real, vibrant and modern slices of everyday life with customers from all ages and walks of life. A shift from blues to orange and yellows allowed us to bring a bright hopefulness into the brand. The result is a fresh new identity that stands out from the rest of the competition, creating a platform for future growth and engagement.

Family laying together as part of the MyPoint Campaign
MyPoint Branding
MyPoint Logo and Brand Book

Activating the Brand Internally

To ensure MyPoint lived into the full potential of the brand transformation, change was required across all levels of the organization. In partnership with the MyPoint people team, we developed a strategy to introduce the new brand, created a new complementary set of values and defined a culture roadmap to ensure the change took root. We then designed and helped execute learning experiences for the board, executive team and cohorts of employees to understand the brand, interact with the values and focus on key behaviors to change. The path we guided MyPoint along helped to set in motion an evolution of the culture to better live into the new brand.


Launching a Completely New Brand Experience

To bring the brand transformation to life for members in their branches, a unique and inspiring experience was needed. The opening of a new location in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego was the perfect opportunity to prototype the new branch experience and put the refreshed brand into action. We served as a partner to dimensionalize opportunities for the experience and design applications across employees, service, activations, events, decor and inspiration. We used the new brand platform and refreshed values along with trends in retail banking and customer experience to guide our work, delivering on a model that will eventually be rolled out across all branch locations.


Total internal and external transformation from old-school financial institution to purpose-driven service company who offers financial services products to empower members’ lives—stay tuned.


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