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Mattel commissioned a research study to explore the toy shopping experience for moms and kids. They wanted to understand the consumer retail experience and use the insights discovered to identify how they might collaborate with their retail partners to redefine the toy shopping experience. They asked Bulldog Drummond to design an innovative process that would take their team from research insights to actionable ideas.


We designed a program that helped Mattel’s designers, product managers and retail specialists explore new ways of looking at the toy shopping experience. Together, we developed three new retail concepts that allowed Mattel to start a dialog with their retailers about redesigning how moms and kids shop for toys. Since that work, we’ve partnered on two additional projects that allowed us to further develop and shape future perspectives about toy shopping, exploring how trends, such as technology, VR and pop-up stores, might come together to create completely new-to-world experiences.


“Bulldog was an amazing partner helping us to imagine and design a thought-provoking picture of the future of the toy shopping experience.”

—Pam Greer, VP, Consumer Insights

mattel future toy buying experience
Boy playing with toys

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