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Bringing a global executive team together to chart, refresh and clearly position a global leader for growth

What We Did
  • Positioning
  • Design
  • Values & Culture

KFC’s global leadership team recognized the need to develop a global brand platform to focus this multibillion-dollar brand and drive a connected, purpose-driven brand expression that would be relevant to all markets yet flexible enough to allow market-specific execution. Bulldog Drummond was hired to help design the journey and develop that global brand platform with the executive leadership team, key stakeholders and strategic partners around the globe.


We reviewed research from over 20 countries, interviewed key market leaders across the globe and looked closely at all current brand communications. From there, we built a current picture of the global KFC brand. After working closely with the global executive leadership team, we narrowed to one brand territory that was rooted in the brand’s heritage as “The Original”. From this territory, we developed global brand values, service principles, a food philosophy and design pillars to drive KFC’s food, customer service, experience design and social responsibility. The “Always Original” brand platform was designed into a toolkit that rolled out globally to drive consistent global brand strategy.


“Bulldog has been an amazing thought partner, helping me navigate through the complexities of designing and rolling out a new brand platform for KFC globally. Shawn and the team were there every step of the way, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

—Jennelle Tilling, Global CMO

KFC Packaging

A global brand platform operationalized across 60 countries for the first time. Radical performance and positioning turnarounds for the brand in key markets.


Activating the Brand Globally

We worked closely with key global leaders to design how the brand purpose, plan, principles and personality could drive each area of the business. We built an activation plan with global HR leadership to roll out the platform to country leaders and the 1,000,000 employees globally. We worked with leadership to connect the brand platform to KFC’s 5-year growth strategy, helping to inform innovation across all facets of the business, including food philosophy and social good platform. This was the first time in the history of the company that a global brand platform was developed and successfully executed.

KFC Uniforms

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