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Finding $100 million in new revenue

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H&R Block was looking for new ideas and searching for transformational innovation. In the face of online competition, like TurboTax and a new wave of DIYers, H&R Block came to Bulldog Drummond with a simple mandate—develop innovative ideas around taxes that improve the customer experience and deliver new revenue.


We started by mapping the entire tax ecosystem from the consumer point of view. We reviewed all existing research, spent time in stores and talked to tax pros and consumers. We identified 14 unique areas of opportunity to improve the customer experience—each informed by our research and representing a significant financial opportunity. In a working summit with the core H&R Block team, we identified that serving Latino families with their unique tax situation was a significant opportunity. From there, we developed the Taxes y Multiservicios concept, building it from the ground up. Within six months of concept approval, H&R Block successfully opened five pilot stores in Houston, Texas, and more stores have rolled out across the country in the past several years.


Bulldog Drummond helps us uncover and design transformational concepts that deliver results. Their energy and passion help our team think and act differently.

—Shawn Travalent, VP, Consumer Insights

Taxes y Multiservicios”
Taxes y Multiservicios”
Taxes y Multiservicios”
HR Block Consejo

A real-time city-wide prototype to test a completely new service concept and store experience.

Taxes y Multiservicios”

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