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Crafting a positioning strategy and building a 3-year innovation pipeline

What We Did
  • Product Development
  • Brand Extension
  • Concept Development

Clover Sonoma is a leading family-owned regional dairy company based in Sonoma, California. Their leadership team asked Bulldog Drummond to help them identify and develop a clear innovation strategy and a 3-year innovation pipeline to better position the company to become a national brand.


In close partnership with Clover’s cross-functional brand team, we took their leadership through a series of ideation summits. Out of these summits, we identified over 30 territories for innovation, and from there, we developed 50 product concepts that we validated and ranked internally. We are currently working with the Clover team to build out the strategy behind the product concepts and prioritize them for commercialization to form a robust 3-year pipeline.


“Bulldog is a pragmatic and flexible partner who has challenged how we think about our brand and the permission we have to grow our portfolio. They’ve been a true partner and have helped us unlock the full potential of our brand.”

—Kristel Corson, VP, Sales & Marketing

Clover Case Study
Clover Case Study
Clover Yogurt  Packaging
Clover Case Study

A diverse multi-year pipeline and a company poised for focused growth.


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