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Anchor Brewing

Reinvigorating an original with the confidence of a classic

What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Packaging

In the growing craft beer movement, where new brands are constantly vying for attention on-shelf and consumer attention is short to say the least, Anchor Brewing was looking a little old and a little dated. Despite it being one of the oldest and most unique and charismatic brewers in the U.S., new upstart beer brands are competing for space on grocery store shelves and in drinkers’ hearts. Knowing it was time to reinvigorate their brand in a way that would build upon their roots with a fresh spirit, they asked Bulldog Drummond to help breathe new life into their story.


We helped Anchor Brewing translate their San Francisco origins and unique history into a modern and relevant brand that claimed its rightful place as part of the city’s heart and soul. With the brand work complete, we then established a design framework that elevated their legacy packaging without losing the core design beloved by fans everywhere. We evolved their signature banner, tightened up the typography and established a platform for illustration, creating an extendable system for their current beers as well as future releases. Paying reverence to Anchor Brewing’s history of using classic illustrations, we tapped Bay Area artist Steven Noble to create the next generation of Anchor Brewing imagery. This work can be seen in some of their newest beers on-shelf, like Baykeeper, Fog Breaker and San Franpsycho.


“The Bulldog Team helped us navigate robust debates getting to the heart of why we do what we do and why it’s important. Together we created a strategic framework and a design perspective supported by our history that sets the foundation for a future that both our customers and our team members can embrace.”

—Matt Davenport, President & CEO

Anchor Brewing BayKeeper IPA
Anchor Brewing San Fransycho IPA
Anchor Brewing Fog Breaker IPA
Anchor Brewing San Fransycho IPA
Anchor Brewing San Fransycho IPA

Brand clarity for America’s original craft brewer, brand confidence to start brewing with newfound creativity that recaptured the attention of customers and consumers, and brand focus to reclaim the Bay Area as Anchor Brewing’s home market.

Anchor Brewing Fog Breaker IPA

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