Uncommon Person: Chris Baréz-Brown

Chris Baréz-Brown is Uncommon.

Chris has a rather unusual view of the world in that he knows that everybody is perfect. He is fascinated by people and what makes them tick. Chris has created Talk It Out to help make a difference with global suffering by encouraging people to develop positive mental wellbeing, for free.

We asked Chris to share some of his personal uncommon sense learnings from his life and career. 

Bulldog Drummond: What value, phrase or uncommon truth do you live by?
Chris Barez-Brown: There is only today and everyone is golden.

BD: What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
CB: Talk It Out – a mental wellbeing movement that I hope will make the planet spin better and help millions of people lead better lives.

BD: What gets you out of bed in the morning? What’s your purpose?
CB: To help other people get out of bed, loving who they are and the lives they lead.

BD: What’s the most useful question you ask often? Why?
CB: How could this feel even better?

BD: What makes you uncommon? 
CB: My energy. I have lots. I also have a happy amygdala so generally see the good in things. And if it ain’t fun, I don’t do it.

BD: Can you tell us about an experience that made you who you are?
CB: Joining the army at 16 made me resourceful, but a spiritual awakening tempered that with a quest for goodness. When I was 18 a psychic told me that I would be a healer, which I dismissed as hippy nonsense. Then through a bizarre event, I healed a friend without any clue of what I was doing. It freaked me out so much, I have never looked at life the same way and have been on a constant learning quest ever since. I now understand that we all have the ability to do it, but it was at the time, a proper wake-up call.

BD: What is the most important decision you made in the last twelve months?
CB: To properly commit to my life’s work, Talk It Out and do whatever it takes to get it out to the world, for free!

BD: Tell us about one of your positive daily habits
CB: I do Talk It Out at the start of the day to get clarity on what my focus should be and then again at the end of my work day to reflect on what I have learned.

BD: When you look back, what impact will you have made in the world? 
CB: I hope that in some way, lives will be better as a result of my endeavours. 

Helping people with their wellbeing brings so much positivity to every day.

If only one person realizes how amazing they are, how lucky they are and how much goodness there is on this planet that is there for them, and then chooses to do something positive for us all; I am happy.

BD: Considering the state of the world, what is your biggest observation about humanity/society:

  • We are more alike than not. 
  • Divisions are created and not real. 
  • We are joined through living and not politics, finance, business, etc.
  • I have a great deal of hope that humanity will prevail and that our consciousness will elevate as a result.
  • This life is extraordinary and it’s happening right now. 

BD: Have you learned anything new about yourself during this time?
CB: Slow down. Time is a gift.

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