Uncommon Music: Do What You Say, Say What You Do

Music is a universal link, it’s the soundtrack of life that wakes the senses and evokes emotions, movement and joy in our souls. Music makes us think, ignites passion and sparks creativity. Music brings people together. It’s symbolic and a marker of time. Each principle this month will showcase one of our favorite artists, one album and one song curated by our team.

ARTIST: Cosmo Pyke

Spacey, beautiful, and lazy. His songs draw less on other music and more on his everyday experiences growing up in south east London.


ALBUM: Earthtones by Bahamas

An easy listening and upbeat album with an R&B vibe. Bahamas is the solo project of Toronto-based guitarist and musical gun-for-hire Afie Jurvanen.


SONG : Monster from The Paradox album

A foot stomper. Monster was, as detailed by Jacob himself, “born out of a lot anger” and was written in his bathroom.

Artist: Jacob Banks

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