Uncommon Listening: Fuel Your Creative Self

Gregg Bagni is a director, producer, and thought-leader, holding positions such as SVP of Marketing and Product Development for Schwinn Cycling & Fitness. He has also appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and numerous other programs. Most impressive is that he understands the enthusiast mindset, how to get people to work together and how to make a budget dollar worth more than its face value. He clearly knows his stuff.  

Gregg’s Eggs is a dose of uncommon sense in the form of a podcast. We’re exceptionally fond of these two because they’re straight to the point and leave us thinking and wanting more.

Creativity Only Lives is a podcast directed for those who create and profit from consumer products, bringing a little humor to the process. “Creativity only lives when you build it, ship it and check it off the shelf.

And this podcast will make any business executive smile. Like Chaos Business Can Be Trouble. “Every day there’s a shit sandwich waiting for you on your desk, but don’t worry you can control its size, taste and color!”

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