Uncommon Listening: Fuel Your Creative Self Part Two

In case you missed our last round up of Uncommon Listening, Gregg’s Eggs is a dose of uncommon sense in the form of a podcast. These sound bites are short, direct, and fuel creative thinking. Here are two that we enjoyed and hope will inspire you to explore more purposeful actions in life and in business.

Three Rules to Live By

  1. Remain as cool as possible at all times
  2. Treat everyone as if they’ll be dead tomorrow
  3. Only allow yourself one asshole comment per day

Eat. Sleep. Blank.

Sometimes you just gotta take some time away for your sanity and do stuff that forces you to forget all of your responsibilities. We all need to make blank time for ourselves. It fuels our creative soul, motivates and leaves room for uncommon thinking to inspire big ideas and solutions. It’s your blank. Fill it in.

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