Uncommon Listening: Fuel Your Creative Self Part Three

We are excited to share our third installment of Uncommon Listening featuring the uncommon sense of Gregg’s Eggs. These podcasts are a quick way to be inspired and spark creativity. Here are two that we hope will help you self-reflect and to see new opportunities in everyday situations.

Open Closed Pores

Life hands us all kinds of situations. Some are filled with joy and love, others may be filled with stress and hostility. Remember to take a deep breath and assess the situation, whether you’re in a business meeting or at a family gathering. Do you want to inhale and open yourself up, embrace vulnerability and absorb what’s going on around you? Or is this a situation where you should exhale, close your pores and observe the situation so that you can achieve greater understanding? The choice is yours…

Street Ph.D.

Education is important, but there are some things you can only learn from life experience. Life’s education is powerful and painful, and it teaches you things a textbook can’t. Like how to negotiate, wrangle and survive. It builds character and strong intuition. Life makes you adaptable rather than immovable. You learn how to make the best of a bad situation. Without a Street Ph.D., you’re missing 70% of the full package.

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