Uncommon Listening: Fuel Your Creative Self Part Four

Gregg’s Eggs is one of our go-to sources for uncommon sense. The podcasts are a quick way to jumpstart a creative mindset. Our fourth Uncommon Listening installment is designed to help you think differently about the new year.

999 Course Corrections
Every day we make thousands of small decisions, some conscious and others automatic. Some decisions we respond reactively to, but others we have an opportunity to make a conscious course correction. Just like a pilot must constantly correct the course of his plane, we must consciously correct the course of our days – personally, professionally and then personally again. 

Get Down on the Ground
Success is never just handed to you. It takes work. It takes elbow grease. It takes getting down on the ground and doing the hard stuff to build your brand. There’s no getting around it, so the quicker you accept that reality and get to it the better off you’ll be. Remember, “Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.”

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