Two Questions to Put Your Values in Check

Like countries, companies with unclear values leave the engagement of their people to chance, whereas values-driven companies are organic and function with passion and focus. As individuals, we are what we believe in and companies are what their people believe in.

Values actively guide the way people lead and the way a company operates. Shared values that are alive and authentic drive conviction, consistency and clarity. Integrating values and a connection to human needs into a company’s business model and throughout each department, presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation. Values connect and motivate people and can supercharge teams with energy and commitment in tough times. They are the lifeblood of a business culture and are what brings a company to life.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit with Josh Hotsenpiller, founder of Wisdom Capture, to learn more about his business and how their services share the knowledge of company leaders to employees. He offered us insights into scaling leadership by increasing access to executives across organizations. During the interview, he shared two questions that stuck with us and can serve as a reminder about the importance of strong values.

1) Do you know who your great great grandpa was?

2) And how often do you talk about him?

We think we’re so important, but when we’re only two generations away from people not remembering us, or even talking about us, it becomes clear that what is most important are the values that you pass on.

While the world might be changing, values that remain constant provide a foundation for stability and growth. Values people care about inspire them to look for new problems to solve. Examine your values and what you believe in, make them meaningful, then put them to work inside and outside of your company because you have a responsibility, and a significant opportunity, to impact positive and meaningful change.

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