Shift Your Focus from Unity to Duality and Design a Blueprint for a Sustainable Future

When surrounded by creative and intelligent people, do you question the IQ level of the room, rather than the intrigue of their creativity and experience? You should.

Our work is richer if we admire people who have collective intelligence–who understand the value through multiple perspectives, different experiences, shared ideas, open sourced technologies and collaborative successes.

Passion drives the creative process of integrated design

Join all aspects of people, planet and profit into a well-balanced, regenerative culture with a holistic approach by engaging the human occupant, understanding the natural environment and maintaining an accurate analysis of the economics. Intelligence is defined by an uncommon equation based on the understanding of the following criteria: the thought process of human behavior + the intelligence of our natural environment + the value of connecting the dots.

Sustainability has long been the conversation, but for decades environmental, social, and governance activities have been disconnected from most brands core values. Actions tend to be a fragmented, reactive approach to comply with regulations or respond to an emergency, rather then treating sustainability with the understanding of actual results.

Sustainable business strategies and solutions are shifting focus from risk and compliance to revenue enhancement, business value and human engagement. 

In 2014, Sustainability Matters experienced a growing demand for solutions pertaining to sustainable products, good corporate governance and social responsibility. A handful of leaders are capturing significant value by pursuing the opportunities that sustainability offers. We have a multi-solution approach, enhancing project values, including human occupant comfort while decreasing capital and operational costs unique to each client and every building, community and city with whom we collaborate.

Our clients who integrate a framework around sustainability are top-tier CEO’s driving priority agendas with strategic programs in place, embedded in everyday business practices and managed actively, by both internal and external operations. These CEO’s understand that the success of their agendas require knowledgeable, innovative leaders as an integral part of the teamed solution.

These leaders are serving as models for others, as we begin to understand and capture sustainability’s full economic value potential. Creating value includes: improving returns on capital investments by significant reduction in operation costs, development of new business growth opportunities and better risk management.

Embracing sustainable practices and shifting paradigms

Currently, public, private and non-profit leaders are realizing the strategic upside of building sustainable solutions with internal and external project-based teams, shared resources, and multi-disciplinary talent to embrace the advancing of transformation and paradigm shifts.

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