Responsibility & Relevance for Brands

Bulldog Drummond is fast approaching its 25th year in business, and we have always been fueled by the desire to make a positive difference in the world. And that is now more relevant than ever before. When the world’s leading climate science organizations produced their landmark report in late 2018 for the United Nations, they warned of the urgency for fundamental socio-economic transformation to halt global warming and the worst effects of climate change. This made us think long and hard about our role in the world and the opportunity we have to help businesses and brand leaders look at how to respond to the challenge. 

Defining responsible growth  

Business has the power to change the world. It must do more than just be an engine of growth and financial prosperity. We believe every leader must ask what responsible growth looks like, and how their business can improve the way we live and work, sustain and restore natural resources and generate value for the many and not just the few. We know that business must be a force for good. And we’re not alone. One of the most important global movements of our time is unfolding right in front of us—the evolution of business toward a more sustainable future. The decision leaders face today is not whether they will choose to answer the growing call of investors, customers, employees and communities demanding more of business but rather when and how.

Join us in being a force for good

With the crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for so many, the evolving role and opportunity for business in society has created both an urgency and imperative for brands to step up and do more. Our recently launched Impact practice is focused on helping leaders through a process to deliver their greatest impact and define what growth and positive impact looks like for their employees, their customers and communities. We are focused on helping uncover opportunities and strategies to activate brands for relevance and social good and to responsibly address today’s social and environmental challenges. 

The pursuit of relevance

With the rapid acceleration of e-commerce and the growing digital needs of our clients, we made the strategic decision to become a founding member of the Envoy Group and responsibly expand our expertise to include a compelling digital offering that ensures we can deliver a complete connected customer experience. Because of the growing importance and focus on people and culture, we saw the need to develop a more comprehensive and impactful approach to our brand work. So in late 2017, we introduced our People practice to help leaders unlock the potential of their brands through their people. Over the past 3 years we have helped many brands create compelling people experiences and roadmaps for sustainable change, and over the past four months we’ve worked closely with clients to activate teams and culture in this new remote reality.

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