Pleased To Meet You: An Uncommon Sense Guide To The Real You

Some of us live our lives without knowing who we really are, bumping through days without understanding what makes us tick at our core, or why we react to situations and people the way we do. Put another way, there’s a large percentage of the population who live their lives unconsciously, disconnected from understanding their real self, not living their life vibrantly and consciously because they’ve left a part of themselves undiscovered or misunderstood.

There are many whose childhood experiences have left significant impressions on their emotional development. Some would argue this is character-building, the fuel that motivates them and the experiences that shape who they are today. Digging in and revisiting these early experiences and understanding how they affect and define one’s current emotional state, moods, motivations and reactions to people and situations will enable one to make a transition from unconsciously existing in life, and constantly being frustrated and misunderstood to living a vibrant, conscious life with a deep and clear understanding of oneself as well as being able to understand the needs and motivations of others.

Take an hour out of your week, grab a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee, find a comfortable quiet place and dig into the following questions to unlock a deeper understanding of you and what makes you tick.

How did your parents positively and/or negatively affect who you are?
How do you see yourself today as a result of these experiences? Write out how this makes you feel.
Describe your relationship with your parents today.
Where are you challenged with your parents?
What makes you insecure and uncertain?
Where do you think your insecurities come from?
Where do you get your confidence from?
What early memories of childhood define how you act today?
Have you ever been to talk to a good therapist?

What words best describe you?
What values do you live by?
What gets you up every day?
What do you love to do?
Where do you find the most joy in your life?
Are you making the most of your natural talents?

What are you doing in the world that makes a difference to others?
Why do you get out of bed every day?
What value do you add to your company/your family/the world?

What guarantee do you promise in your relationships with others?
What can others expect from you?
What do you want to be remembered for?

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