Let’s Create One Million American Jobs Please

Let’s stop asking why and start asking how. That’s exactly what two Americans did. So often we complain and point out the problems government and our society face today, yet most of us do nothing to contribute to the solution. The problem is typically considered too big for a single person to drive change or create a meaningful impact, but not for Ana and Alex Bogusky. They both set out to encourage people that their actions do have an impact. They rolled up their sleeves and started the Million Jobs Initiative, a video project that gives us all something to DO about the economy and the decline of American jobs.

This simple video illustrates how our purchase decisions and actions impact society in a variety of ways.  It shows how each purchase we make has a very real impact, on American jobs, the economy, and society on a global scale. The video encourages Americans to support US manufacturers when the option is available, and makes a compelling case for our purchase decisions having a big impact on both the present and the future.

Manufacturing 3.0 needs to be leaner and greener to support a new global lifestyle. Manufacturing innovation coming from 3D printing, biomimicry and other transformational drivers will be developed with manufacturing partners. In tomorrow’s world we will either be exporting or buying this next phase in technological know-how. The US has developed much of the manufacturing technology used worldwide today, and I think we’d all like to see us lead the charge again. That’s the reason it’s imperative that we support American made products.

The Boguskys hope the video will raise the conversation around American jobs, and the role we play as consumers making deliberate choices. They hope it will help Americans to consciously change our buying and consumption habits so that by our actions, we can encourage others to do the same.

If you buy US made products, you’re doing so with a greater likelihood that the products are made with stringent EPA policies, that the products are greener, that US labor laws ensure children aren’t employed in the making of the products, that overall working conditions are safer, and that less CO2 is used transporting the products to your door.

And finally, at a time when middle class jobs are being replaced with low wage McJobs, it’s time to support the jobs that can support individuals.

Watch the video, and share it with your friends and family, and do your part to advance the conversation and the need for more American Jobs. And the next time you make a purchase, ask yourself what impact does this have?

Watch the video here.

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