How To Say Thank You With Your Phone

Everything in environmental design is an opportunity to deliver. Yet for most brands the integration of technology remains a huge challenge. Consumers are becoming less forgiving and their rising expectations are forcing brands to become more innovative and adapt new technologies into their everyday business transactions.

Most brands are facing customer experience challenges.
For most brands, customer service levels don’t deliver on expectations other channels such as mobile, marketing, and advertising are raising. Brands are getting better with integration and delivering a consistent message across channels, with social media helping them reach these goals. Yet the service experience lacks the same focus. Service levels are the most inconsistent and unaligned parts of brand delivery today.

Part of the issue is that there are no mechanisms in place to measure levels of brand engagement. A brand manager has no idea if his or her people are delivering on their brand promise.

Technology can align and activate customer service.
Brands are looking to technology to aid solutions to their customer service woes and activate brand engagement. With mobile knitting the fabric of our society, it’s become a fundamental piece of brand strategy, and perhaps an innovative solution to this increasingly common problem.

THANKZ is an app that is revolutionizing communication and activating customer service by providing an elegant, direct and meaningful way to recognize someone for his or her good service. The wearable tech is an electronic name badge worn by customer-facing employees that’s self-aware. As a circuit board/bluetooth beacon, it’s constantly looking to be paired with a different device and instantly recognized by a smartphone app.

When an individual is thanked by a customer, the interaction can then be monitored by managers and leaders in real-time, who can respond appropriately with reward, recognition, praise or a specific brand-led incentive.

This technology is an innovative and unique way for customers, clients, partners and suppliers alike to acknowledge, praise and applaud outstanding customer service via their smartphone devices, in an experiential and memorable way.

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