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Bulldog Drummond acknowledges that systemic racism, violence and discrimination against black people have become far too common and gone largely unchecked in our country. It extends far beyond recent events, and that systemic racism is something that plagues our society as well as our industry and the many other industries with which we engage.

We realize that we need to do more, not just as individuals but as an organization. We are spending the time to listen and educate ourselves and share our learnings as a team. When it comes to racism, injustice and violence, there is no gray area. Bulldog Drummond is committed to anti-racism and standing up to fight against white supremacy. 

In both of our initiatives outlined below, we’ve partnered with the team at BILD for extensive research, best practices and learnings to serve as a foundation and basis for our action steps. By listening and learning first, we were able to identify the specific subjects, issues and organizations that we are most qualified and collectively passionate about to focus our time and resources on to make the most significant impact possible.

As a company, we have work to do and are taking the following steps to change and play an active part in driving transformation: 

Where we need to change how we think, act and work internally (and how)
We have committed to a deep journey of learning and critical self-examination to look at our internal practices, our language and our work product to ensure that we clearly demonstrate and model anti-racism, inclusion and equity in all that we do. The end result will be an internal tool that will evolve and grow, serving as the baseline of what is expected for equity in our work. We will share this tool with our team internally on November 1st, 2020 and make it available for the world at large on January 5th, 2021. 

Where and how we participate in the movement for transformative change
We will use our collective expertise, experience and capabilities to strategically play a meaningful part in the movement for equality and justice. We have committed to identifying an existing organization or group and working with them to make the greatest impact for transformative change. As we go through this process, we will share updates and learnings.

We understand that change does not happen overnight and that the path to racial equity is a long journey. Systemic change that truly has the power to impact our future takes time, and we realize that far too often because of that time people lose focus, initiatives lose momentum, conversations fade away. Our team does not see this as a moment or a short-term commitment—it’s a way to change ourselves, our business and the people around us for the better.

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