Clarity Is A Rarity, So Be Deliberate

I think I will open a business and work for myself. Yes, that sounds like an excellent decision! I will be my own boss. Set my own rules. Do what I love and love what I do.

But wait. Who wants it? Better yet, who needs it? How will I promote it, sell it, deliver it?

When I moved to the UK from Oklahoma two years ago, I haphazardly decided to join my husband as his business partner and work in his Limited company. It has been a very strange two years. There have been loads of lessons (most of which I have hated), the learning curve has been steep yet exciting, and I have loved every step and slope along the way.

Have I been successful? It depends on your definition of success—but my resounding answer is an unequivocal YES!

I have compiled a long (and I do mean long) list of lessons. Some were painful, some were fun, and some repeated themselves over and over again until I took notice and learned from them. And one most recent lesson has resonated deeply—it doesn’t really matter where you work, or whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, employee in a government organization or run a department in a large corporation, this lesson applies across the board: You will stagger and flounder if you are not clear on your vision.

All of us need to fully understand and be very clear on why our respective businesses, organizations and/or departments exist. We must spend time digging deep into each of the layers to adequately uncover the reason we do whatever it is we do. Once your purpose is defined, you’ve laid a foundation for tackling the what, the who, the how, the where and the when.

Seeking clarity is a tad deceiving and often easier said than implemented. The process requires great cerebral energy and heavy mental lifting. Often there are many iterations before the reason and purpose begin to feel exactly right. But once you know it, understand it, document it and share it with others, the results will astound you. This clarity will stand at the top of your mountain and drive every action you take to create, promote, and deliver your work.

Purpose creates clarity
Your purpose will influence every aspect of your brand. Your work will evolve to reflect the boldness of your brand and everything you do, create or sell will be electric with inspiration and meaning. The amount of energy you expended uncovering your vision shows up exponentially in the strength of your reputation and your brand. Not only are you crystal clear and confident about your organization’s existence, everyone else will get it too.

Clarity is passed along to colleagues, clients, employees, and customers. Clarity extinguishes confusion and your choices make more sense. Your message is clear, deliberate, and potent. Your brand resonates.

Purpose creates clarity.

How clear are you?

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