Bulldog Drummond Designs: H&R BLOCK

When April 15th rolls around each year, it means the same thing for everyone—taxes. And with this inevitable date comes inevitable stress, confusion and procrastination. H&R Block sought to explore the experience from a number of different perspectives to create a more positive and relevant tax process for key consumer groups.

Working with their innovation team, we looked at each of H&R Block’s customer segments and identified key opportunities in which they could build a better tax experience. The first opportunity area we identified was their Latino customer. When we drilled deeper into their specific needs, we found that Latino’s often have unique concerns related to immigration issues and education questions. As a result, we designed a totally new service offering called Taxes y Multiservicios, positioning H&R Block as a trusted one-stop shop for all Latino tax-related needs. To roll out this project, we helped design the new retail experience, including storefronts and interiors, the service and product offering, specific messaging and collateral materials to highlight the new service. We also introduced the “Consejo” designed to help advise, guide and educate customers.

Taxes y Multiservicios launched in a cluster of pilot locations in Texas with tremendous success. And we’re currently working with H&R Block to optimize the tax experience for more of its customer segments.

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