Bulldog Design: A Shift in Sustainable Change with The Paradigm Project

The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise working to create sustainable, social, environmental, and economic transformation in developing communities across the world. They do this by replacing open wood fires with efficient cook stoves. These stoves drastically reduce respiratory disease caused by smoke inhalation, slow deforestation caused by harvesting wood, and reduce carbon emissions.

The Paradigm Project has a bold goal of funding 5 million stoves by 2020, which will impact over 25 million lives, and we’re fortunate to be helping them reach their goal. 

Most recently we were involved in developing a new story for donors, investors, grant-makers, local businesses, and volunteers—a story that illustrates the impact that one stove has on both the environment and the lives of its users. The outreach tool features photography by Rodney Rascona, sophisticated type treatments and information graphics, and content to communicate a unique, innovative business model.

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