A Company on a Mission to Spread Wisdom

One problem that almost every person in a leadership position can relate to is the ability to scale time to meet the needs of all their people. We know the importance of interaction, sharing lessons learned and celebrating successes and failures. But carving the time to do so in-between board-meetings, financial reviews, travel and daily to-dos doesn’t often leave much time to dedicate to mentoring our people. 

We recently had the opportunity to sit with Josh Hotsenpiller, founder of Wisdom Capture, to learn about his business and how he plans to use the service to expand access to leadership for brands.

Scale internal voices to make change

Wisdom Capture captures your wisdom for you. Recognizing the impossibility of hundreds of people personally connecting with each senior executive, Wisdom Capture helps accessibility by scaling the mentorship exchange and turning it digital. They call these “wisdom exchanges” which are delivered in a series of 1-3 minute videos that focus on a singular competency.

The idea came from a simple meeting between Hotsenpiller and Jeff Campbell, former CEO of Burger King, after asking his mentor to tell him everything he had learned about bringing a product to market. Hotsenpiller left the conversation so inspired that he wanted to share the message with everyone.

Post that meeting, Hotsenpiller had difficulties himself scaling to meet the needs of his position in leadership, and the idea of Wisdom Capture was born. The company is quickly growing with six digital products in their pipeline ready to launch and 300 Wisdom Captures filmed to-date featuring astronauts and ambassadors to executives and successful entrepreneurs all sharing their life lessons.

A transparent process yields authentic results

What makes Wisdom Capture unique is their approach, and that approach yields results. They create authentic learning lessons by taking preparation out of the equation so people aren’t hearing cookie cutter responses—nor do they edit. All of their videos are filmed intentionally to be conversational, raw and genuine. They use the idea of “memory recall” to trigger memories from their interviewees and probe for more authentic responses which results in stories people can relate to.

“We don’t believe wisdom belongs in the grave, it belongs in the hearts and minds of people.” -Josh Hotsenpiller

Spread the wisdom

Currently brands are using the videos for a variety of purposes. UNICEF recently contracted Wisdom Capture to launch one of their global training platforms in which their top 20–30 global directors share their wisdom with UNICEF’s fifteen thousand employees, helping them disseminate education from the top, down. And Unilever commissioned Wisdom Capture to film executives from several of their core brands to share their values with industry insiders, curious consumers, network and trade partners, and employees.

Small and medium companies are also using Wisdom Capture to bring their emerging leadership teams together with their seasoned executive teams to answer the same question with the intention of learning from each other:

At Bulldog, we’re strong believers in adopting a student-style mindset and striving to be smarter every day. We agree that wisdom belongs in the hearts and minds of all people. And Wisdom Capture is helping people do just that. 

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