We are oriented for impact

We are a team of business leaders, designers, cultural curators, strategists, writers and operators dedicated to helping our partners make a positive impact on the world around them.



Shawn E. Parr
The Guvner & CEO

As the Guvner and CEO of Bulldog Drummond, Shawn is responsible for strategically directing each of Bulldog’s key engagements, ensuring there’s an “Uncommon Sense” methodology at the center of everything the company does. This approach maintains that the most complex challenges can be solved, and the biggest opportunities can be realized, by using a powerful combination of simplicity, common sense and determination. He brings twenty-plus years of innovation, design, brand and business-building experience to companies from Fortune 500s to purpose-driven startups.

Shawn helps leadership teams transform large, multinational companies and passionate entrepreneurs launch new companies, products and brands. He has worked with executive teams at companies including Adidas, Bolthouse Farms, Campbell’s, CMT, Diageo, Hilton, Heineken, H&R Block, IDEO, MTV, Mattel, Nike, PIRCH, Starbucks, Samsung, Tata Harper, Taco BellWD-40, Westfield and World Vision among many others.

Following a life-changing trip to Malawi in March of 2004, Shawn has been committed to finding creative and sustainable ways to make a measurable difference in the world by helping people and companies realize their full potential. He sits on the board of The Honest Kitchen, the advisory boards of FEED Projects, Kitchens for Good and International Farming, is the co-founder of YouSchool and Y-Malawi? and a faculty member at The Honor Foundation. He writes for Fast Company, PSFK and is a sought-after speaker. Shawn lives in San Diego with his wife and three children, is a dawn patrol surfer, wannabe photographer and avid cultural voyeur.



Megan Pilla
Chief Content Officer

Megan is a storyteller at heart. She believes that grounded, strategic, and compelling narratives have the power to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. She leads Bulldog’s strategic and creative development teams, and has worked with many cross-functional client teams in categories from fashion & retail to food, sports, and healthcare. Megan has worked with early stage startups to Fortune 500s including American Eagle, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Heineken, IDEO, Nike, WD-40, Hampton, MTV, Diageo, Mattel, Sony, Adidas, Taco Bell, Eddie Bauer, World Vision and more. She wakes up every day to help unlock the potential of companies and people because she believes that regardless of how well an organization is doing today, there’s always an opportunity to do better.




Mark Tomaszewicz
Chief Experience Officer

Mark never likes to do things the same way twice. An explorer of ideas, people and experiences, he is happiest when he’s helping others see the world differently or checking out a new vantage point on his own. Purposeful wandering has led Mark to run up mountains, down random streets and on long car rides with just the right music. He’s always striving to make a meaningful impact on the world while not taking himself too seriously. After a first career in corporate finance, Mark has spent the last decade focused on guiding clients through experience design, brand activation and culture cultivation as well as having a leadership position with Sharp HealthCare and growing the luxury retailer PIRCH.

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